Thursday, 5 April 2012


Frozen Peas

If I thought catering for one vegetarian was occasionally tricky, the forthcoming family party this weekend has proved a bit of a challenge.

 Not just because I had hoped we’d be outside in the garden, bathed in the sunshine of the previous weeks, with tables draped with white clothes and huge pots of camellias... you get where I’m coming from?

However the reality is the temperature has dropped at least 10 degrees and the only people likely to venture outside will be the under 10’s who need to let off steam. 


Anyway back to the food. 

Amongst our lovely friends and family there are a healthy collection of vegetarians, vegans, and some who are lactose intolerant, as well as the meat eaters.

This got me racking my brains and researching.

I need canapé/ nibbles and main courses that can cater for all, be low maintenance enough to allow me to escape the kitchen and socialize a bit.

 I love a party in the kitchen, but not if I am stirring pots and straining rice and veg.

Something easy...and what is easier than frozen peas???...
Before you press delete and never return, I haven't lost the plot.

 Read on...
Last weekend I used some friends as guinea pigs and tested pea and mint brushetta’s on them. It uses frozen peas and is SO SIMPLE it's not true.

The original Mint and Pea bruschetta recipe by Sophie Bruce, came from Olive magazine and was made with crème fraiche.


I made 2 batches one with crème fraiche and one without and we all preferred it  without.

 It also means it's great for the vegans and lactose intolerant.


If you are looking for something easy, tasty and economical to serve up pre lunch or dinner or just a quick snack, that suits everyone...even fruitarians.. it uses uncooked peas..(luckily I haven’t got any of them coming!!)

Try this.

Pea and Mint bruschetta


Preparation time under 5 minutes
This doesn’t need cooking..just blitzing.


150 g frozen peas
Handful of mint leaves
Olive oil
1tbsp water

Slices of ciabatta or mini Panini rolls toasted lightly


1.     Let the peas thaw slightly then blitz in a blender with the mint, water and ½ tbsp olive oil. Don’t overdo it as you want a nice lumpy consistency .

2.     Toast the ciabtta or panni until golden. Spoon on the pea mixture and arrange on plate to serve. Drizzle with olive oil to serve....

Pea and mint and Parma ham and olive bruschetta

The picture above shows the pea mixture with added crème fraiche, if you want to use this put 2 tbsp instead of olive oil and water in before you blitz the peas. 
If you want a fresher healthier flavour go with my recipe. 

You can see how different the colour of the mixture is. 

Nothing like as vibrant and fresh looking as the pure pea mixture.

As you can see I served it alongside bruschetta with Parma ham and olives all drizzled with olive oil and scattered rocket.

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