Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Easter cupcakes and eggs

What a few days, yes, it’s been chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate here.

All interspersed with beautiful music at Winchester Cathedral and lots of food and fun with family and friends.

Not sure if I’m knackered from the entertaining or just from the over indulgence of too much cake and chocolate.


I had intended to post our Easter nest recipe pre the weekend but hey, I ran out of time, and let’s face it, Easter nests are so easy to make, I felt there was no great loss!!

Instead I’ve decided to share a few ideas and pictures of our Easter cakes. Rather than the classic simnel cake, everyone wanted a selection of cupcakes and Easter nests.

Easter cupcakes

Fine by me.

They’re easy to make and there are always volunteers to decorate them.
They were enjoyed by all the young cousins as well as the adults.

I was having a coffee with a friend the other day and as we munched another Easter nest we somehow ended up talking about what we have used the odd stray egg or bunny for.

Easter nests

She confessed to smashing the head of a bunny, to decorate the tiramisu on Easter Sunday. Much to the horror of her daughter!

“I grated the bottom of a chocolate reindeer to decorate a torte!” I added

It reminded me of a Mum I met at a playgroup years ago. She melted her children’s Easter eggs down to make crispy cakes without them knowing.

She’d got fed up with the boxes hanging around and wanted to remove the temptation to raid them!!

Chicks and eggs!

Something healthy and savoury to follow soon,
 I promise.

Just need to help finish these eggs...

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