Saturday, 26 January 2013



“I’m just going out to buy some blueberries” Teen V shouted up the stairs to me the other day, “I fancy making some blueberry muffins. I’ve found a recipe and we’ve got everything except the blueberries.”

I was speechless as the door shut and the footsteps disappeared. Is this the same Teen who has up to now taken very little interest in her food, and only wants to make chocolate brownies? Blueberries, a super food I have been going on and on about...Wow what a change!

When she shows me the recipe I have to remain very neutral, it has natural yoghurt and is the healthiest looking cake recipe I have seen for a while!! I am stunned.

As I lay in bed, post op, not just being lazy I hasten to add, I hear her creating and an hour later up she comes with a cup of tea and a delicious muffin on a plate for me.
After the last crumb has been prized from the plate and she returns to clean the it the general anaesthetic I wonder but no it’s true... I can’t help wondering if maybe, after all this time of me banging on about healthy eating and feeding your body to keep it fit and well, super foods, bla bla, just maybe, some of it has sunk in after all.

So for all you fellow parents worried about your children’s lack of interest in what they eat all I can say is, don’t despair, keep going with the healthy food, because they can sometimes surprise you.

And for any teens reading this, I have heard there are a few of you..THANK YOU for reading, and don’t give your parents too much of a hard time, they just want you to be healthy!!

Sorry I haven’t got the muffin recipe for you, I don't like to post anything I haven’t made, and haven't really got the energy to do much cooking. I just wanted to share this with you.

More recipes soon!!   

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