Thursday, 31 January 2013


Happy 1st Birthday Not Just For Rabbits

I can’t quite believe it but I have been writing


For AYear...

Yes! This January is our 1st Birthday.

It has all gone so quickly yet, as I look back over the posts from the last year I can’t help but feel very proud.

Proud I have managed to keep posting. Proud so many people have been discovering us and then re-checking us out.

It charts what has been happening in our lives last year. There are certain posts inspired by the places we were lucky enough to visit- Sicily, Hastings, Paris, North Uist as well as places we go regularly like Portsmouth fish market.

Others inspired by friends and guests..Pancake Day will always remind me of our lovely young American Friend who introduced us to “Fat Tuesday”. A concept the teens in the house will forever thank you for. I am already thinking how we can improve on it for this year in honour of you H!!

Others were a response to what was happening to us, good times and tricky ones.

 I have loved watching the changing seasons and the foods we crave at different times.

My initial challenge was to try and offer a variety of easy and economical recipes for the vegetarian and non vegetarians in the family, and to get certain members more interested in what they were eating, as well as offer ideas to others.

 It has made me more creative and in the process I have discovered some amazing flavours and ideas that I wouldn't have used before. Several people have even asked me if I am thinking of doing a cookery that would be amazing. 

Who knows what this year will bring?

Already things are changing. Teen V is recovering from her glandular fever, and taking much more interest in cooking and has even, on the advice of a nurse friend, eaten a little meat, to help boost her immune system. I didn’t see that coming.

So, thank you to everyone still reading this,
More recipes and adventures to come very soon.


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