Sunday, 20 May 2012


Measuring cups

I had a question from a reader the other day about the use of cups in the cow pat bread recipe last month.

Here in the UK we’re not so used to using cups as a measurement preferring good old pounds and oz or grams.

To be honest, I used to avoid any recipe that used cups as it was a hassle.

 However the last time I was in New York I bought a set of American measuring cups.

Bizarrely I bought them in MOMA of all places, not from some trendy down town cook shop!!

They are very retro and have been great.

American measuring cups

 I can now make recipes from American recipes without trying to transpose them to pounds, oz or grams.

I still use my balance scales I got as a wedding present from Divertimenti and have both metric and imperial weights for them and have to admit I prefer this method of measuring.

The question got me thinking though.

 What are the actual equivalents of cups?

I checked out the various cooking gurus on line

Delia has a useful conversion chart on her website if you want the scientific approach:

However as I was measuring out the cups flour for my bread this morning I did a quick weigh of the cups of ingredients as well..

I don’t have more time than sense honestly...

My research showed that

1 cup of water was equivalent to 9 fl oz or ¼ litre


1 cup of flour was about 8 oz or 185 g

Which doesn’t seem very scientific at all I’m afraid.

All the websites agreed that wet and dry ingredients seem to have different conversions so I suggest you check out exactly what they are, or head down to a good cook shop and get a set of cups if you are unsure!

Retro measuring cups

Finally before I pack the umbrella and head off for the day I have just seen that
Not Just For Rabbits
has now had over 

It is fantastic to know people are clicking on, reading AND COOKING from my recipes...

Thank you

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