Sunday, 19 February 2012


Fishing huts and the new Jerwood Gallery in the snow, Hastings.

Firstly my apologies.

 I had great plans of what I was going to do this week but got waylaid by a very sore ended up doing very little instead as had to rest.

Before you become too sympathetic I suppose I should admit that it was kind of self inflicted, too much over enthusiastic dancing at a fantastic party last weekend, still, all very annoying.

However, before I became immobile, I visited snowy Hastings and was charmed by the boho rustic feel of the old town and beach.

 Hastings Old Town in the snow.

It is refreshingly individual which is increasingly rare now days. There are quirky shops,  cafes and bar’s as well as proper bakers and deli’ is so worth a visit.

You must check out the award winning organic bakery and shop, Judges Bakery at 51 High Street.

It is owned by Green & Black’s founders Craig Sams and Josephine Fairley, whose passion and commitment to organic food has created a wonderful shop as well as truly delicious food.

Meringues at JUDGES BAKERY, Hastings

They also have the most irresistible Italian meringues that really do taste as good as they look, as well as a superb range of bread and cakes...when I have learnt how to make meringues like theirs I will share the recipe because they were delicious.

Fishing boats in the snow, Hastings.

The new Jerwood Art Gallery opens on 17th March 2012 and will house the Jerwood collection of  20th and 21st century paintings to be displayed for the first time.

The gallery has been designed in keeping with the black wooden buildings on the Stade in Hastings Old Town, and sits alongside Europe’s largest beach launched fishing fleet.

Fishing boat, the Stade, Hastings.

Whilst I was there I bought a copy of

THE HASTINGS & RYE FISH COOK BOOK 2 by sea saw books. 

It is written by local people whose mission is “to buy, cook, eat and enjoy even more locally caught fish” and is fantastic.

 I’m afraid I have been rather busy reading their recipes to post any of my own today so sorry!!

If you are keen to check it out it is available from numerous shops locally in Hastings or on Amazon if you aren’t in the area...

Fishing boats in the snow, Hastings.

In the snow everything looked rather ethereal.

I can’t wait to go back and visit it in the spring.  
If you get the chance, GO, it's worth it.

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