Wednesday, 22 February 2012



“Pancake day?” our young American friend said with a confused look, when we excitedly explained the tradition to her yesterday over breakfast.

 “No Mam, we don’t have pancake day where I come from!”

It was our turn to look confused. “No pancake day?” the family said in shock.

“We have Fat Tuesday.  We eat whatever we want.”

FAT TUESDAY... Eyes lit up round the breakfast table and my heart sank.

“If you want cake for breakfast”  she continued  “and popcorn and waffles for lunch you have it!”

The ratatouille pancakes for supper were going to be a real let down in comparison to this.

 Endless questioning ascertained that on FAT TUESDAY you could eat whatever you want without your Mom suggesting you have some salad or fruit. That even school offered unhealthy options.

It was one day it didn’t matter what you ate, you just made the most of it.

Nice idea thought everyone.

She couldn’t see why we were so excited by pancake day, even when I had made two different varieties for breakfast- Thick American ones and “crepes”- normal ones according to us.

Stories of waffles piled with ice-cream, sprinkles and candy, topped with sauces made certain eyes green with envy.

 I decided that I had to adapt my plans quick.

We still had our pancakes- ratatouille and 2 cheeses for Teen Vege and ham and cheese for meat eaters..with optional ratatouille, followed by our own FAT TUESDAY PANCAKES..

The creations were impressive. Including such delicacies as icecream, nutella, blueberries, chocolate buttons, marshmallows ..

I’ll stop, you get the idea!

I think we have a new tradition in our house.


Just don't forget to get lots of eggs.

For the pancake recipes I used Nigella's American Breakfast Pancakes and the Good Housekeeping pancake recipe. Both are brilliant.

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