Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Mercato del Capo, Palermo, Sicily

After a morning wandering round the Mercato del Capo, the wonderful street market in Palermo, Sicily, and dipping in and out of hundreds of churches hidden in the labyrinth of Palermo streets, we stopped at a local cafe.

Olives, Palermo, Sicily

Olives, Sicily

It was wonderful to see the mounds of olives in the market having seen endless olive groves on our journey across the country.

Olive trees, Sicily

In need of something light and refreshing that wasn’t gelato, we were taken with the bowls of orange salad. 

The day before we had had the most delicious lemon jelly with the Countess of Butera28 the 18th century Palermo Palazzo where we were staying. 


The Palazzo is the home of the Lampedusa family and overlooks the seafront in the historic Kalsa quarter. The family have apartments in the Palazzo to rent, each is uniquely furnished and offers a wonderful base from which you can discover the city. 

Nicoletta, the Countess, also offers cooking courses, which interested me. Unfortunately I didn't have time this trip, as we weren't in Sicily for long enough but Nicoletta showed us around the beautiful palazzo, the tiled kitchens, and treated us to a delicious bowl of local lemon jelly decorated with jasmine from her garden. 

We hadn't had much citrus fruit in the South of Sicily so we were enjoying the change form all the almonds! 

 Anyway back to the cafe..

It was literally a few tables on the side on a piazza with no formal cafe just a small cucina, yet it was packed.

We opted for the fresh orange and olive salad, crispy potato and mint fritters, the traditional chick pea panelle and  the tomato, onion and mackerel salad, all served on paper plates quickly by friendly local Sicilian waiters.

Sicilian lunch 

Orange and olive salad

It was delicious.
The orange salad was so refreshing.
So simple.
So easy to do at home!


 A week later, on a sunny day here in England, we sat in the garden and had my version of the Sicilian insalata di arance.
It was delicious and brought back happy memories of lunch in Palermo.

Feeds 4


Under 5 minutes- for cutting up the oranges and onion.


4 Oranges -chilled
1 small red onion
2 handfuls of green olives
Splash of olive oil


1.     Peel the oranges and cut into small slices and lay on a dish with any juice from cutting.
2.      Finely slice a small onion- the finer the better. Scatter over the orange pieces
3.      Add the olives....and a splash of olive oil.
4.     It’s ready to serve. The colder the better.

Orange and olive salad

This is a great summer salad.
Ideal with a BBQ or for a picnic.

Its simplicity and freshness of flavours makes it so refreshing and different. 
Give it a try you won’t be disappointed.

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