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Last week, with our roast chicken in the oven stuffed with lemon, garlic and herbs I went to visit my neighbour’s new chickens.

This might sound bad taste, but it was lovely day, and the chickens were running around her garden. How idyllic!!

I was keen to see how much they had grown in the 3 months since they arrived in a box, as tiny chicks you could hold in one hand.    

Chicken explorers!

As you can see they are now fully grown and about to start laying, so I look forward to sampling local fresh eggs! Think of all those omelettes and crème brulees!!


Colourful Chickens

Anyway after admiring the chickens, I then had a quick look round another neighbour’s garden, and returned brimming with new ideas and promises of seedlings.

 What fun... only problem, I hadn’t made anything for Teen V for lunch and neither had she...oops!

I love a roast at the weekend.

The chance to sit down and enjoy a slow leisurely lunch with family and friends.
Plates full of succulent meat, crispy roast potatoes and fresh colourful vegetables.

This all became a bit trickier when Teen V became a vegetarian. I occasionally forget to get anything else non meaty so we have become good at improving, lentil bakes, nut roasts, and stuffed vegetables- (see earlier post on stuffed courgettes).

This was no exception! So we had a rummage in the fridge and came up with the following cannellini bean and red pepper bake. 

It was surprisingly easy to make and delicious to eat, so I thought it a useful recipe for those of you wanting a change from nut roasts and pieces of fish...or if you get side tracked and forget to do anything vege like I did!!

Cannellini bean and red pepper bake

Serves 1

Preparation under 8 minutes
Cooking time 25minutes


½ red pepper in strips
¼ onion
1 clove garlic
2 pinches of dried mixed herbs
150 g cannellini beans (tinned)
50 g mozerellla
3 prunes
2 cherry tomatoes
Slug of olive oil
Grated parmesan


1.     Put  the slug of olive oil in frying pan and fry the pepper, onion and garlic until soft.
2.     Add mixed herbs, tomatoes, beans and prunes and cook for a further 3 minutes.
3.     Chop the mozeralla into chunks and add to the mixture and then put in a small lined loaf tin...I use one of the children’s baking set loaf tins from IKEA!!
4.     Line the tin with grease proof paper and add the mixture. Season with salt and pepper then grate parmesan cheese over the top.
5.     Bake for 20 minutes. Remove from tin and serve with the roast.

Cannellini bean and red pepper bake

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